December 08, 2009

friends here and there

how cool, Otto is trying to arrange a visit to the local national broadcasting company, cos the israelis are interested in seeing local TV studios. ive set up my friends to entertain and be entertained by them, yes. not just a plain home exchange is enough these days, friends exchange makes it much more interesting. well, just happened cos we are same age group and get along. online at least. my friends will no doubt tell me how real life is.

i am thinking of the movie Holiday, which everyone keeps reminding me of. i recall seeing it too. somehow i didnt grab the idea back then, i guess the time wasnt right? and now, with the holiday season and all, yea, exchanging my moderate little flat to a skyscraper loft faaaar away seems right. and how fitting considering my fav travel-topics religion & politics! i look forward to stir up some conversation!!

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