December 07, 2009

a lot on my mind

pre-christmas time is busy. colliding with my work deadlines and this trip, its a hectic mix. theres nothing about the trip to make me busy though, its just the cleaning my home part, if i think about it. but damn it will look quite nice when im done.

on friday there was the company pre-christmas party - "gala" - fancy stuff. i wore black and red, silky and shiny things... typical of me.

on saturday i really wanted to stay home doing things, but a physicist i met a couple weeks ago invited me to another pre-christmas party. id been wanting to see him so i couldnt really skip. but then, at 10pm, when i was in some stranger's kitchen in Roihuvuori playing a drinking game that resulted in some of us being half-naked....well, i wondered to myself, wtf? the punch was good? yea, well i had a good time actually, and didn't come home until late.

thats the friend of the physicist, victom of a finnish drinking game.

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