June 13, 2010

finishing the week

i have been a little upset for not being able to access finnish tv series, they have stuff online but i cant watch most of it from here :( and im too tired to fight with yet more proxies. i have enough with the whole youtube set up (to enable upload as well).

and today i had a (if not first but close to first) moment of home sickness. it started as i got pissed (too easily as usual) from a restaurant visit. we asked at the restaurant door if they accept a certain card (not credit, some turkish food card system), and they said yes. upon paying it turns out they dont accept it. well we were lucky to have cash with us... simple thing but it made me feel (once again) u can never trust anything or anyone here. however, good food as always, but perhaps sometimes i miss the stuff i can get back home. great pasta, steak... anyway then i got into a little streak of home sickness. it was so hot today too, 30+C and i was sweating and feeling dizzy.

in the heat i tried (and somewhat failed) to remain a sport for the doctor, who had suddenly developed a bad ear infection of some sort. he decided to go have it checked by his friend in a nearby hospital, and i wanted to join him for support. the ear seems to have been fixed now though so thats good, there was fluid and stuff in the eardrum...scary stuff :S

on saturday we met with the doctors ex-flatmate again, Oitun (or something like that). went for dinner and walk at the Yildiz park. which is more like a big forest though, with large dark areas. after the park we went to watch movies and relax at his flat in Nisantasi. it was the 6th or 7th floor...and no elevator as usual. christ. i wouldnt move there no matter how nice the view is (and it was). we watched Carlos Saura's Cria Cuervos first, weird stuff.... but interesting. and it reminded me of one of the songs i too liked to listen to when i was young; Jeanette's Por Que te Vas (grooveshark)(spotify). then i think i got the spark for the home sickness today, as we watched Songs From The Second Floor. even weirder than the first flick. aaand we ordered chinese home delivery. omg i have missed chinese a lot. not that i eat it so often but every now and then... noodle shrimps, yay.

the website for home delivery (yemeksepeti) is awesome, collecting all the fast food places together, in english as well.

Salla is coming to Istanbul again in business, so i will hopefully see her, maybe after my work some night.... and then on friday when im supposed to be free. i decided to go to Greece on saturday.

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