June 18, 2010

ive never been to greece

so last night i ordered take away (chinese and sushi) to celebrate my first salary. yummy.

the other class is now going on 3 week vacation and i only have 1 class. nice to have some free time in the evenings but financially pretty bad of course.

today im going to Taksim to do a mag interview and then seeing Salla. and tomorrow brings an early wake up for me to catch the bus to Greece, Alexandroupolis. i havent been too excited about the trip as it feels like its a busy time for me now and i should be on a tight budget. however now that i was looking at the city map and decided to contact a couple people through hospitalityclub/couchsurfing (even if not for couch but just for coffee and meet a local) i started getting excited. i guess i just cant help but to like going to new places and countries.

interestingly, one of the things that usually doesnt bother me at all when traveling is a strange language, however spending every day in a country where i dont speak the language, and then going yet to another feels kind of...exhausting. i dont feel like my every day is a struggle, but i suppose it poses some weight on your shoulders when u r a language-outsider... and so greece....and the greek alphabet... i just feel like i dont have much energy to try understand any of it.

turks park where and when they want.

hospital examination room

a restaurant near here

Hannibal's grave. who was he? a legendary badass who went to war riding elephants or sumthin...

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