July 20, 2010

sit tight and look pretty

as far as reality tv goes...i think ive found the bottom (or top, whichever way u look at it): The Millionaire Matchmaker. so, theres a female matchmaker with a business in L.A. she has 'auditions' for girls from whom she requires not only looks but brains also (at least hypothetically, some education, a job - i think). but the set up is so typical i have a constant smile/grin on my face. a set of women are gathered in a group and presented to the men. they talk to the men and have to fight for attention of course... then the matchmaker asks the men which 2 women they wanna go on a 10-min minidate with. i dunno if the women can decline, but then again 10 minutes is not much to sit with anyone. but after these minidates the men are asked which one they would like to go on an actual date with it. the women stand on a line (as usually in reality shows) and the guys pic their choices. i guess even if the girls dont like the guys they have come to the "club" to meet a millionaire and thats a major factor.

what is needed in a show like this is spice, and the Matchmaker (Patti) brings it on. she tells the millionaires straight up if they are too braggy or self-centered, and goes nuts upon meeting an "ageist" (someone who disses women their own age and wants to only meet young women) millionaire. then she's got all these rules about not moving in together before getting married and no sex with the girls they go on dates with and so on and so on... really conventional "courting". anyway, i guess u can set up a matchmaking club for midgets, autistic, mensa-members or afro-americans.... so nothing wrong with a club for millionaires. no matter how typical.

but of course the conventionality gets to me. its somewhat understandable that in the situation where the millionaire is paying for the matchmaking and wants to find a woman, he is told to "arrange" the date, the out the women he chose. however in one episode there was the first millionaireSS of the club, she is looking for love too etc. so what happened is she fell for another millionaire, and visa versa, so instead of the men and women they were presented with, they chose each other. Patti then told him to arrange everything and told her "to do nothing but look good, pretty and show up". direct quote. pretty low, even if she is old-fashioned and all. im sure she meant to sound cute but it hurt my hear.

another good one "let the man lead". ...sometimes okay but surely not a rule. ho hoh.

this sweating is getting tiring. tomorrow should be "only" 29C...how refreshing?

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