August 31, 2010

i know deep inside u love pork.

ive met several 'muslims' who are not religious (or just a bit) and say that although they COULD eat pork, they dont like the taste. well, i dont recall asking if they had given it many tries, but being that its not easily available round here, i doubt it. so i think its a matter of not being used to, or just carrying some emotions towards pork from your parents or culture that does not eat it. because although not everyone in this world LOVES pork, pretty fuckin many ppl do... i mean, its typically just as popular as chicken or cow. statistically, if u take 5 people from europe, at least 3 or 4, if not 5, would say they like pork. so it doesnt fit with my findings. if the people i talked to, ate more pork and lived around people who liked pork, i believe they would mostly convert to liking pork. end of deep analysis.

i got a book in the mail today, i bought "Ayse Onal's Honour Killings: stories of men who killed" from and it arrived. i got immediately stuck in reading it, its quite interesting. while honour killings mostly occur in the very eastern parts of turkey, amongst kurds, i read a story of a kurdish family living just a few kilometers from me, near Ümraniye, that got their daughter killed for - i already forgot why. oh yea, she didnt want to marry her old ugly cousin or something, and instead fell for and got married with a poor handyman. after her brothers came after her, took her back home and beat her up, and she managed to escape back to the guy, there was a 'warrant' on his head too. cos it was so shameful behavior from the guy to accept the girl back after her brothers clearly designated that its not acceptable, and she brought shame on the family. so then his family had to cut ties with him too, they suffered from the other family dissing and harassing theirs so much it affected everything of course. the family name was stained and so on.

the book contains interviews with men who are in prison for killing a sister or mother or such. the first interviewee felt remorse, the community that pushed him to kill his (adulterer) mother turned their back on him as soon as he did it. the second interviewee is different, he is proud for saving his familys honour by killing the bitch-sister who dared to escape a beating husband. although his mother doesnt talk to him anymore, he feels he restored honour and said he had received a lot of respect for it amongst inmates and his community. according to him, the modern society is the cause for all this shit for suggesting that women could do whatever shit they want to, and so basically the blood is on the societys hands, not his, he just had to commit his duty.

*keeps reading and perhaps orders a couple more books...*

there are plenty of books about islam and womens rights within it, but i really need to read both sides to get a full picture. and maybe talk to a few people here...hmm. research-jenni.

the ferry port at Büyükada-island. like a big old living room? the island was beautiful, but quite touristy. we traveled with horse carriage and climbed up ona 'mountain' where there was an old orthodox monastery and a restaurant. the view was beautiful.

the view. istanbul in the bg.

a street on Büyükada

another island port; Heybeliada.

special ramadan bread called pide. VERY tasty.

a local newspaper contacted me about doing an interview. so. ill do it.

the 46 -magazine article of me is pictured here; ( ive never seen myself look like this...!

not bothering to rotate this, its in turkish anyway!!

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