August 27, 2010

jenni found a football fan in herself

a view from the doctors window in Capa. the mosque is right there, and with windows open the prayer call is similar to the experience of someone yelling in your ear....

this was a humongous kitty! too bad the photo doesnt showcase it clearly.

and this kitty at the 46 magazine office is ADORABLE! her name is Alice and shes quite easy going and careless, likes to be pet and held on the lap. generally agreeable and just easy. loooovely. i schnozzled her and she was just being cute.

the other day i did some clothes shopping while in taksim with miss R. bought a white knit mango dress for 19tl(10e) and a black knit V-neck 3/4 sleeve shirt for 15tl among other things. getting dressed for fall...

im wondering what the toiletry solutions are like at the mine in Chile.

my workplace realized that monday is a national holiday so the new class isnt starting then after all. so tuesday instead. nice, since miss R is leaving on monday.

last night was an interesting experience, the football craze is quite impressive, everyone dressed in the team colors so we stood out quite well. and FB fans were asking where we are from. HS reported that the greeks and turks were fighting outside teh stadium before the game but luckily we saw none of that.

and a short clip of the fans

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