September 30, 2010

trying to fix a 6 yr old computer. poor thing is really fucked up.

i got my teeth checked up at my aunt's dentist office yesterday. then tried to fix her and her husbands computers in the evening. its odd being amongst relatives in this place and time. today we went to see my grandmother too. of course, on saturday im meeting everyone again. my aunts husband is taking me to Sysmä next where i need to do some cleaning up and arrange paperwork and stuff tomorrow.

im worried it will be really weird in Sysmä, sitting there all alone with my stepfather. i think ive never even spent time with him alone, much. my mom was always there. i think they started being together about 15 yrs ago. doesnt feel that long. and they got married a few yrs later, when i already lived in Helsinki.

its so beautiful and clean and peaceful here though.

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