November 16, 2010

new toy and the pool

facebook and email huh? im not sure what to think. i like using fb for keeping contact with some people... but i think all the modern mail/messaging providers pretty much own your shit and reserve the right to target advertizing to you with the info they get...

anyway. today was my 2nd full Android day. im still sorry for switching from nokia, i knew early this year it would happen. we had good times until now but i was going in a direction i didnt believe they could support me in. right now it looks like im sticking with HTC. although, i think it could be worthwhile mentioning to the customers that the android app market is NOT available in middle east, parts of asia and south america. but well, thats only a billion or so people, whos counting? US & europe seem to count for whats considered as "worldwide" (im sure it doesnt say so anywhere but thats certainly the impression you get, no? "android phones come with android apps!"). doctor thinks he can help me tackle this, im certainly not the first person in middle east to be pissed getting a phone without the app market... there are tips and tricks, but it seems to all go down to the programmer level... and i dont wanna screw my phone completely. so if it looks like its not gonna work out without completely destroying the warranty, ill get one from finland and sell this off.

but seriously, did anyone think of mentioning the android market is just slightly limited to a few western countries? i bet they figured nobody would notice. and for those who do, nobody wants to listen.

this reminds me of the recent Kindle episode.

but other than that, ive enjoyed wildfire more less. its fast and smooth. i think it will take a couple weeks to really find out how we got along...

today we were relaxing by the pool, it was around 26 but didnt feel very warm...but the weather in istanbul in the past week has been around 21 and we were jackets and all... inthe evening we checked out the indoor pool, sauna -which was decent and 80C, hamam and steam room. all nice.

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