November 08, 2010

starting the week home alone

the toaster arrived on saturday. i introduced the functions to doctor and now we are all about eating toasted bread with cheese, cucumber and tomato :)

hey someones fb status just gave me an idea; BLENDER!!! they have all these tasty fruits here (plenty of which ive never seen before in my life), it should be fun and tasty to make some fruity smoothies... the minus with turkey is that the availability of fruits is highly relative to the season, so finding strawberries right now is problematic...

i was in need of a specific check up and doctor checked the nearby hospitals but the rates started from 100euros or so... which is crazy. anyway, then he thought of a womens & children's health clinic (Kadın ve Aile Sağlığı Merkezleri) for people who dont have an insurance. hmm, i think thats basically for poor people, because everyone else DOES have an insurance. just not me. grr. private insurances are like 50e a month... i would need one from my workplace but who knows when i shall get one. booked me a time and i found my way there today. kind of a hollow place, big empty halls with minimum furniture, empty walls and lots of women with scarves (nurses or doctors had white scarves :D). not a single person spoke a word of english, and i was calling doctor and handing the phone to the personnel... because i saw many... i was directed from room to another and i still have no idea if my original goal was even met, i got a paper which has some directions for doctor, to call an ask for results i guess... but he is in Ankara today so i dont know yet. they took an image of my foot with a funny scanner, checked my height, waist circumference and lots of other things... including checking my breasts for cancer :D well at least i dont have that i guess. i have had my doctor check them regularly tho... so i suppose they are running some sort of general health check ups for women.

CONS of Turkey
-fuckin expensive chinese food. any other than turkish foods are expensive actually. ill go for chinese in finland in january.

PROS of Turkey
-you can run after the busses/minibuses, they will stop in the middle of the traffic and wait for u

something i ran into the other day - Turkshido - wtf? seriously if even most of the words were english and if i could find a coherent sentence with tangible ideas... nevermind

since i had the extra time i decided to try my luck and go to the hairdresser again. 7tl/3.5e for a haircut, nice trendy place. men working in hair salons are often very masculine unlike in finland. its weird having a big hairy guy wash my hair and then elegantly cut it. as usual, its not exactly what i want but thats the price for not having learned turkish... anyway its mostly in the right direction.

i bought a couple of shirts from an outlet that sells H&M, Mexx, Zara etc clothes with the tags cut off and so. 3tl per piece. also another small shop was selling clothes and winter hats... and i realized the woman in the back f the shops was knitting them so i had to get one altho i know its not many days that i shall need one here. its between 11-22C here these days, 20C today.

5tl handmade hat.

3tl top & shirt

my lunch; urfa kebab. not as spicy as others so i like it.

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