December 29, 2010

i still didnt pack my cosmetics...

turks have to pay about 50e at the airport when exiting their country.

why is the last evening before a trip always a hassle? and not because of packing - oh no. because i go shopping for 2 hours. because of transferring movies on to the laptop and searching for subtitles. because of charging batteries. so - things that could have been done earlier. but never get done until its very late.

i had my nails fixed today. and took a photo of the Salon's kitty.

i then went to search for some winter clothes and got stuck at Mango's sale for a looong time :S they have so much nice stuff for so cheap (shirts for 5-15e, party dresses from 7,5e on... jackets for 40e and up etc). i also saw a lot of nice jackets there and at DeFacto but they are all like my current one. enough for Turkey but i think it will be chilly in finland. ill just have to dress in layers. i would have liked a new jacket even to wear here but i think i spent enough money as it is.

Mango shopping - shoes. also i got 2 shirts.

ring and earrings;

o_O these earrings are heavy

these earrings i got a few weeks ago actually.

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