December 08, 2010

im not interested

so we were discussing about the driving school with doctor. i was getting fussy over reading for an exam and learning to drive. there are 3 exams, car mechanics, first aid and theory. all very easy apparently, which i guessed. and apparently translators usually answer for the exam questions - i mean why bother asking me? well, we shall see but i am confident i can pull it off by reading a bit.

a student should attend some theory and driving classes (5 each i think) but doctor told me he didnt... and they didnt call him up for it. i wonder do the schools get money for 'graduating' students or why are they inclined to let students pass so easy? doctor said they assume you can drive already, and will learn the rest later if necessary. hmmmmm. also, in his driving exam, doctor didnt know how go reverse, but they didnt mind (there are 2 teachers in the car). going forward wasnt very smooth either, very bumby apparently. anyway, he passed. parking is not necessary in the driving exam (thank god - im not interested in that part). perhaps things have changed in 10 years, and perhaps there are differences between school but im getting confident i can do this. and starting to look forward to it.

jeeeeesus i am getting so tired of the shoe fashion lately, only peeptoes, for 2 years now! during the winter i luckily see LESS gladiator shoes, but i still see them. argh.

last night, as i couldnt sleep, i caught myself spending a good while wondering what it would be like if it was raining kittens. small kittens. i go uncomfy with the idea that they just freefall, so i decided they would have a parachute. but, if the parachute is vry complicated, the kitten cannot free themselves from it. so how could it work. i tried to develop a decently safe parachute model that a tty could still walk out of without much trouble once landed. its not an easy task, but i have an idea now. another thing related to parachute design is how does one get it on. cos kittens might be up there, on the cloud, however the parachute does not just magically appear on them. if my ideal parachute was laid down neatly, it should be possibly for a kitty to merely step on it, and once the parachute was lifted, it would hold. hmm, i should rather draw this design.

my earlier designs, which i spent a lot of time on, include safe but cozy bunlines seating plan. buns need slots in a plane to fit in, instead of seats. but there are many other considerations too when it comes to flying safely.

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