December 26, 2010

this IS christmas!

i took some finnish dark bread out of the freezer yesterday, and lo and behold, Volkan brought us some ham/bacon, lots of it in fact. those 2 together are NOM NOM. also, he'd made some pork paste or something.... veeery tasty. we got some other christmas gifts too, a cat picture to hang on the wall, cool coasters and a kitchen tableware set from a friend of doctors (Gülhayat)!

all in all the party was nice, great foods and my hot wine/glögi was well liked.

Tiramisu was delicious. made by Deniz.

in the middle of the night we heard a boza-seller yelling on the street. they walk around and sell this foamy 1-2% sweet drink. we asked him to come to us and bought a litre. here is the transction:

our faceless party

some of the foods... stuffed wineleaves, some armenian pastry...and finnish bread!

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