February 20, 2011

sunday is going by so fast

interesting idea, the movie plot for Monogamy "...Theo (Messina) establishes a hobby: he's hired by clients to clandestinely snap voyeuristic photos of them as they go about their days...." that would be an interesting job.

my kumpir-obsession is not showing signs of subsiding. i want to buy potatoes and start doing them at home too. for now, i can say that the best kumpirs in kadiköy are made at Durak Büfe (found on yemeksepeti). the only minus is they dont have haydari. but god dammit it was the best kumpir ive ever had...

my co-worker Elin bought me a spice mix from the spice bazaar; different peppers:

i am confused at this construction project... they are building a glass wall with doors to the füniküler... which is much like metro. im not sure i see the benefits? however with electronic shit there are always malfunction risks.... the ony thing these walls do is stop anyone from falling to the rails, which are not deep and the füniküler comes to the stop at such a snail speed its not a threat at all. at the metro station this would be more useful. im lucky my tax money is not used on this...

i bought these shoe decoration flowers from Etsy. they clip on.

we finally put the red covers on the KIVIK-couch.

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