April 14, 2011

plotting at the airport

Burger King is filthy expensive at the Sabiha Gökcen airport. like 10e for a burger. but alcohol in turkish tax free's is cheap. its worth stacking up a few bottles even if there is no immeadiate need. 1 litre of Smirnoff for 14e or a litre of Finlandia for 13e.

immediate need reminds me, to drink in UAE, u either should be rich or bring your own booze. i hear beers in the few bars are 10e. and of course there is a limit to what one can bring into the country as well. most sources say its 4 litres (of whatever). ill try that. Anas cant get an alcohol license in UAE because he is a muslim. i wonder how they are supposed to know who is a muslim though. is this one of those moments where the dudes themselves can judge bro's according to skin color etc. while if i make such assumptions in the west ("he looks like muslim") i am a racist stereotypist? i hear those with turks are not considered muslims though - those heathens!

i should report back when i have more information. i am slightly distressed cos my flights are going to and from terminal 2 at the Dubai airport, and according to Google its just infamously shit. also most sources say it only caters to charter flights and whatever, yet all FlyDubai flights are actually going there. the official Dubai Airport website doesnt mention terminal 2 with more than a few sentences either, to make sure i have no information of the place whatsoever. im not that worried about finding my way, im mostly just annoyed and pissed there is no information and its disregarded as non-existant. im sure its more fun to flaunt the aaaamazing terminal 1 & 3 and all their shops and exquisite services and yadi yadi yaa... after all, terminal 2 apparently just serves the most non-important ans suspicious places around, Kandahar, Mogadishu... and Istanbul :) so lets not talk about it, hush hush.

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