May 15, 2011

eurovision/tur pol

i found Eurovision live stream from Yle Areena, the finnish national broadcasting company website. Bosnia Herzegovina is giving their points now and im like where the fuck is that. are they eligible to give points?? i dont usually follow - who would want to see this contest, always losing and it doesnt make so much sense. everyone has to try fit in one mold, sing in english etc. Finland's and Turkey's songs (which i just heard today for the first time) are nothing but representing the local culture. and isn't it sad that when Estonia just gave points i knew they would give Sweden the 12 points? best points go to near neighbors. one more reason to shake my head at this "contest".

Azerbaijan won then. someone said swedes wrote the song- not surprised. they are good with pop.

i checked and the Yle is broadcasting the hockey world championships, but i am guessing that will be limited to finland on the website. there are so many publishing rights etc related to broadcasting sports events. i wonder if i'd bother with a remote connection... im getting so nervous with the game tomorrow. the history of swe-fin finals is grim.

grim are also the politics of turkey. all kinds of internet filters etc planned. women not getting protection from violent husbands and whatnot... all kinds of fancy agreements are signed and statues built but the reality is something else. what has surprised me is that the politics is much like anything else in turkey (makes sense, sure, but one still expects something else), unplanned, impulsive, and something that can ba cancelled and changed at any time. the government is just throwing new laws or plans in there, when they see fit, no discussion, nothing. the internet-filtering law is unconstitutional but i guess they can change the law in that case or just not give a shit. also they just banned 138 words from domains, to protect us poor people from the bad stuff on the internet. it seems like mainly the list of words is so that people wouldnt find POOOORN, the big bad ugly pooooorn (ex. gay, butt, escort, teen). growing up with porn alone is not healthy but trying to ban is not healthy either... im sorry to say but i think the males in middle east are largely fucked up for this reason. sex is a taboo and yet of course the illegal porn is available in the end, and thats they end up learning from.

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