July 25, 2011

gloomy days

it was a damn hot day, with 75% humidity. at home and office the air conditioners have to work hard.

when i was 16 to 19 i was really quite gothic (in my early 20s i slowly gave up the long velvet skirts and dared to use a blush other than dead-brown). i bought black candles and sent my love letters to my long distant boyfriend in black envelopes (silver pen!). i was no stranger to black lipstick either. but i gotta say that one is SO hard to carry! oh well. i was listening to Type O and My Daying Bride and Tiamat's Wildhoney album. and i really hated platforms which i later learned to like. i decorated with white mostly. i guess i was the odd one out at my workplace or school, not just for my gothic thing but for not drinking any alcohol, but i got along with everyone. im not sure if i had any clear goals on what to do then. and i still dont. i dont think its hugely important, apparently life goes on by itself just fine. but i guess its very noble when u have some aspirations...

this tv series Falling Skies is interesting. not amazing but worth watching.

*listening to Simon & Garfunkel: Sound of Silence* one of my fav songs ever

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