July 24, 2011

i had hair nightmares

i went out to the Bilgi university festival with my buddies. it was fun enough :) it was quite hippie... people juggling, a band playing jazz, a movie playing on a big screen, etc.

some friends of Nilla came and when i introduced myself to Ugur, he said he he knows me, since 2004 from deviantart as suzi9mm. well....ok? i love when this happens - it does every now and then! lucky bitch, me. i dont know what makes it so lucky or great, to be recognized, i guess a human just has a need for recognition and appreciation? i seem to, at least, there is not other explanation.

Ugur said he had seen our common friend Tuncays photo in my blog the other day and was surprised. the world is so small once again! especially in istanbul. but really, while the city may host some 12-20m inhabitants, the circles for young educated people listening to rock are much smaller. and kadiköy especially seems to be a hangout spot for these individuals.

Bilgi university campus yesterday. we took a free bus from taksim to the campus area. at the gate they confiscated any drinks, even water. Nilla had prepared some cappuccino-finlandia vodka so we had to drink it while queuing. the festival was free, but drinks were relatively expensive to make up for it (beer 7tl, wine 10tl). the first time i went to buy wine, they actually pondered where to find the wine bottle, then found it but realized they got no bottle opener, so i had to go to another sales booth. later i brought them my own corkscrew, and to speed up things, even offered to open it. the guy behind the counter seemed relieved. and i got my wine, in a plastic cup, enough to make up for the high price.

at the festival i checked my facebook, people were saying "RIP Amy Winehouse". while i have no idea what happened to her, it obviously made me think "she didnt wanna go to rehab, no no nooo...". either way, sorry to hear, just like the whole norway thing. people keep dying every day! seems like i cant stop it.

when the festival started to close down we took off to Taksim. this is some of us in the 2nd floor of Cafe Pi.

in Caddebostan, on wednesday, some poeple were releasing these lamps, candle powered. they were slowly wandering towards the sea and it was beautiful.

the norwegian shooter says he is willing to "explain his actions in court on monday". umm ..."ok guys, i can explain this, what happened was...." seriously? lol. all scandinavian countries / individualist societies seem to have their bombing and shooting wackos. in the middle east, the wackos are group powered, they dont act alone.

Arttu took my phone to service. the problem is a pretty obvious no-fix, the "no service" issue which is hardware prob from what ive learned online. they said the service will take 3 weeks. yeah, no hurry, the phone only costs a fortune, feel free to think about it. i mean, why would i give a shit about a phone i just bought?

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roland deschain of gilead said...

it was nice meeting you and all in all it had been a nice day.