October 05, 2011

kinda lovely

after work i met Lea and Karin. just ate at Pizza Hut and had 2 drinks. took the dolmus home. working woman's life... need to go to bed in time and get up in the morning.

its really nice to have met so many foreigners here. i didnt really think of norwegians, swedish and danes as foreigners but they are.

i wanna sit in a cafe sometime. and do nothing. it happens a lot on tv so it looks interesting altho i never really felt enthusiastic about it... im just quite tired after work usually. i should go during lunch?

i applied for the Iranian visa. need to pay and then hopefully pick it up next week or so. im trying to now figure out the routes and things...

im uploading pics from my phone to flickr.

from last friday
parti in zukurzuma

from work

side streets

bosphorus - which i am mayor of! - with the bridge in the background.
bosphorus between europe and asia

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