November 21, 2011


the weekend went fast with Maria & bf, who left this morning. i cant say i did much, especially yesterday i was mostly at home, we just showed the way to the hair salon and left the 2 hang out there...   we went to look for a new winter jacked and handbag for me but were not successful. im depressed especially about my handbag situation. my previous bag started falling apart. and it only lasted like 5 months, dammit!! i dont know what to do... its so hard to find a nice bag. especially in turkey. they dont have what i like, especially when it comes to the style + quality combo. nice looking bags are shit quality and good quality bags are for ...a different crowd. im looking at internet for an answer of course. maybe i should just have a custom handbag made for me. a good quality bag should pay itself back in durability.

i need a haircut too. and my nails need fixing, its that time of the month. and hair needs dyeing. and my skin is still really dry, altho its been over a week since we returned from Iran! i feel wronged :(

and the dishwasher repair guy came over to tell us that changing the motor of the dishwasher is 280tl/120e...   which means its better to buy a new one for maybe 500tl/200e. uh. maybe next month.

and its 5pm and fuckin dark. doesnt really motivate me to go out after work for jacket shopping. besides i already gave up i guess. maybe next weekend i should go to H&M but the stores in turkey might not have really warm jackets, thats the trend is saw yesterday. i dont know how ppl manage...  

and, im pretty sure our internet provider is screwing us 1-0...i feel like we are paying an extra bill every 2nd month.

so. lifes tough?

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