November 01, 2011

holiday wardrobe

we are concentrated in packing now. im wondering what i might have forgotten... 

i got a white t-shirt and white long sleeve hippie shirt yesterday. i will match them with my old unused  black velour sweatpants...  i wont be the most stylish bitch around but perhaps its not important. i have a pair of jeans and cargo pants with me also.

it turns out doctors big brother is also in tehran this weekend, for a conference. so i guess we should meet him. i have made several connections and there are quite a few people now that we should meet...

we packed our 'valuables' (lol, not like we have anything but laptops and their external hard disks) in a backpack and took to Volkan for storage. we have home insurance of course but u can never be too cautious. for once its good we dont really own anything... fancy flat screens or jewellery. at this age we are supposed to have at least something...? well, the car is parked outside *shrugs*

doctor got me a travel insurance today 33tl/12e. they misspelled  my name again, of course...  i can only recall a few occasions when it wasnt, in fact.

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