November 05, 2011

train day 3

the 2nd day in rh train was a little messy. we started to be hours late, had to cross lake Van in a ferry that took 6h, and then board on an iranian train. the process was everything but well organized. well, that's typical of the area and ok. then we got to share the compartment with an older British couple, who really didn't want to share it. and I can't say it's comfy either, so we started pushing for separate compartments. there is rule about not letting couples be alone on Iranian trains but they promised to arrange something after all the border controls. we boarded the train at midnight and spent 6h with border formalities, didn't sleep for a second, and not until after Tabriz round noon, the British couple got to move out. one of the most uncomfy nights of my life. also cos the central air conditioning was pushing hot, dry air in, making our eyes hurt and sleeping with ur clothes on in 30c just isnt easy. and i have the head scarf bonus too. but u get what u pay for! the iranian train and restaurant are fine otherwise, seemingly old, worn out, broken... the carriages have broken pipes between, blowing steam inside.

after getting a proper bed and sleeping I feel much better. we had the chicken rice dinner (no options) and instant coffees for 13tl/5e. the conductor delivered snacks and juice to all compartments. we should arrive to Tehran around 1am, 5h late or so.

one of our contacts in Tehran is a guy who does tattoos. illegally obviously. but I saw his work online (and liked it) and he said he has time this weekend so maybe I should get a tattoo?

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