December 23, 2011

at this point

current fav songs:
aiamamiwhoami: O (spotify) (youtube)
lana del rey: video games (spotify) (youtube)
chisu: sabotage (spotify) (youtube)
goldfrapp: believer (spotify) (youtube)
fever ray: keep the streets empty for me (spotify) (youtube)
marina and the diamonds: i am not a robot (spotify) (youtube)

and these ive been listening for months...!
the national: fake empire (spotify) (youtube)
florence + the machine: dog days are over (spotify) (youtube)

now i need to find new stuff to listen to...ill turn to my fb friends...

i was gonna list a few movies that i need to see when they come out, but i didnt actually see my accumulated list of must-see movies either yet... its just collecting byte-dust.

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