December 18, 2011

our sunday

today was a cleaning day. or more like organizing... throwing out old books, organizing the bookshelf, maybe some dusting... and we got some liquid items for the christmas dinner next saturday, wines and sprites altogether become heavy to carry so its better we (doctor) carry them well beforehand. i also got a small vodka in which i dropped in a bag of finnish licorice candy.

this time doctor wants to make a small punch of his own too. he is always obsessed in putting a lot of fruit in to it. and i keep saying it not a food, its a drink :) so now he wants to give a go to a fruit salad-punch... okay. maybe it will be popular!

we had a breakfast out today. typical turkish which means i only eat half of the items on the table. but it was a nice new place. then we tried to find bed sheets.. but the shops here only have these sets, all looking the same and honestly relatively expensive. starting from 95tl/40e in some shops. but we just wanted the bottom bed sheet... a black one. no luck. are we driving to IKEA just to get a bloody sheet? i can imagine Koctas selling single sheets but it would then be 50tl/20e or something...

we also wanted to finish off the weekend nicely and went to a nice restaurant here, Viktor Levi. its especially known as a wine restaurant, with their own brand of wine. been meaning to go there a long time but somehow we never did. the food was actually better than i expected although i knew its a good place. very very tasty. french music, a wall painting of jesus' last meal.... hmm, all in all not very turkish. we definitely want to go again some time. it might be a pleasant occasion every couple months. there are also a couple other restaurants in the area we need to check out.


new 'shoeshelves' (idea from IKEA brochure)

doctor showed me his stamp collection from when he was young. a lot of Atatürk stamps!

the Kozmaoglu butcher shop in istanbul, amazingly fresh and tasty pork

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