January 28, 2012

snow - kar

its been snowing this week. :( makes the streets slippery.

the shop where i get fruits from in the morning. they are under snow covered plastic now. 

this nargile/shisha cafe has made an ad from snow.

doctor is still happy abut his career choice (emergency medicine), after the first tough residency week. the hospital doesnt provide clothes so we bought all these a week ago. they also dont offer laundry service (or if it they do, they wont tell, which would be typical) so i am washing the work gear...

but im really happy that hes happy. the work is quite tough, no time to drink coffee or chat he says. and a lot of unnecessary patients, with flu etc...  they are clogging up the emergency room and doctor time from more needy patients, but at the same time you need to examine everyone because '1 out 10' of those people is 'really' ill after all. 

last night i went out with Elin. we went to Incir first. the outside terrace there is lovely. we had a real girls night out. we talked to some people and im not sure if there was a bet or something, but Elin 'had to' go out to the next bar to get a J├Ągermeister shot as Incir doesnt have J├Ągermeister...  coming back the bouncer noticed the shot and took and drank it. only in turkey...

later we went to Karga where we sat by the fireplace.


in the photo it looks clean but the place where i got my blood type tested didnt seem clean...  i had to get the test for my drivers license. i already forgot but i am either A positive or negative.

this is where i got my passport photo taken. little back room inside a sunglasses shop.

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