February 03, 2012

light the way

a friend's facebook status today said "May the bridges I burn light the way." i might not completely agree but i found that funny nevertheless.

doctors stetoscope arrived in the mail today, i ordered it from eBay cos in Turkey it costed like 150tl... he had an old one but needed better. and he hospital doesnt provide those things. speaking of not providing, he should also get a malpractice insurance...

and yesterday the mail brought a coat for me. eBay gift to myself. unfortunately it seems like it might not be very warm after all, but the weather here has been exceptionally cold, so next week it might be fine (for 5-10 degrees). the narrow waist and big 'skirt like' bottom part dont really show in the pic.,..  it looks a bit witchy which suites me fine  :)

my favorite coffee mugs in our home.

new shoes! turqoise Next heels with small platform...  should be good for summer. 

on feb 2nd, day after we shouldve paid the rent, we finally got into an agreement with the landlord who had been (cunningly?) avoiding us since december. the rent went up 12% or so, to 1350tl/620e. uh huh. thats a lot. the next contract will be tied to the inflation rate (was 10% last year). but i dont think next year we want to pay anything above 1350 any more than now. it IS a good price for this flat in this area, but anyway then we would move somewhere cheaper i guess.

doctor has been on 24h shifts so often, but now that its every 2nd day, things ARE different. and they are in practise 25h shifts, at least. we had 1,5h together last night after my turkish classes, before going to sleep. and the next time i will see him is tomorrow morning. and i think i can assume that when he comes home, he wants to sleep. then, between waking up and sleeping again we should have 5-7h i guess. on weekdays when i come home later, itll be less. well, we knew perfectly well it would be tough in the beginning.

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