February 12, 2012

stories from the ER #34

something that happened: a stabbed family man is brought to ER. he explains how he backed up into a kitchen knife, and is now bleeding severely and losing his kidney, if not more. the son, a young kid, blurts out that it was mom who did it. the scarfed mommy is not happy. police is called in. end of story.

i love to hear these stories from doctors shifts.

on thursday i went out with Umut & Cansu and some of their friends. on Friday i did the same with Egemen & Ali, later in the evening, after doctor went to sleep.

today was just really so ordinary, i did laundry and some general cleaning. it wasnt good or bad. maybe good. i got noodles for lunch, home delivered. Sunny Garden is my new fav restaurant.  they have properly cooked pasta, noodles, hamburgers, and even fish & chips! 

tonight i also went out although i thought to myself that 3 nights/week is really pushing it. we barhopped with Umut & friends again. and i talked about politics, turkish women and tattoos especially with Cansu. but today i took it real easy and came home 'early'. before meeting people, i went to Karga and had a Baileys and sat alone while reading a book. i just wanted to do that, sit alone in a bar and read a book. it was a new experience for me. but tomorrow i want to go to a cafe, the a more traditional way of doing it...   (im reading Price of Honour, which i started a long time ago but didnt finish).

this guy, Kevin Pezzi, supposedly an ER doctor, is just...wow, nearly an internet phenomenon. i say supposedly because having looked at his site and blog and stuff, i was very entertained and appalled at the same time and i hope he doesnt really treat people. but i think mainly get entertained if im very appalled, its something. he seems like a chauvinist racist with mostly sex related stories and ads of his own books and services, such as penis enlargement methods, dieting and hand-carved log home doors...not forgetting garage organizers!
"After graduating in the top 1% of his class from Wayne State University School of Medicine, Dr. Pezzi practiced emergency medicine for 11 years. He was one of the few people in the country to be elected to Alpha Omega Alpha after the second year of medical school...
...Dr. Pezzi has over 850 inventions to date, and is currently developing a device that will make you wonder if you've been teleported a century into the future....
...Dr. Pezzi developed a new technique of fractional multiplication, in spite of his lifelong aversion to math.  He beat Bill Gates on a test of mathematical ability and logic.  Dr. Pezzi is also the innovator of several medical procedures.  His brother has called him "the absent-minded Professor," a characterization that is not without merit.  For example, while a college student at Michigan State University, he once went into the wrong room to take a final exam.  Even though he was not enrolled in the class, he scored 147 out of 150, easily the highest score achieved by any of the hundreds of students taking the test.

after all this, i was not surprised to find info on the internet about Kevin's fake fan-twitter and myspace accounts, where big breasted females adore his persona and books.

Kevin recommends C-section because children born that way may be smarter, and also so that women wouldnt get 'loose', ill quote again;

medicine student: “So when I graduate should I counsel pregnant women to consider having a C-section for the reasons you discussed?”
Kevin: “You can try, but you're probably wasting your breath. Some women are constitutionally unable to give up their fixation on vaginal childbirth. In most women, it is so ingrained it seems to be genetic. If you have any luck, let me know. I am just trying to help women so in the future they're not bitterly dwelling on why they were divorced. The women I know who were divorced by their husbands are very traumatized. There are obviously many other reasons why people get divorced, but this is one. Since it is preventable, why ignore it?”

women have some, seemingly genetic, fixation on vaginal childbirth? i wonder where that crazy idea comes from :D

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