April 28, 2012


its a bjuuuutiful saturday. sun and the whole set. i watched 2 episodes of Biggest Loser and im soon ready to go out and meet Cansu for some afternoon coffee. im becoming middle aged and having coffee and proud of it!

being cheery happy is embarrassing but what can i do. dammit.

an FB-msg this morning took me by surprise. a friend from finland, AA, and his gf, are coming to istanbul on an impulse holiday. they were asking for some tips and such...  i hope we get to meet and i can show them around a bit. my feet, or heel specifically, are acting up again though, so im not too fond of walking.

last night i met Serra for some lahmacun-dinner and a few drinks. then i stopped over in Hera to see if anyone was there, and hopped back home to sleep. it was only a 4-day work week but felt like 5...    we had 1 new person starting on thursday, also.

in the middle of the week we had a nice couchsurfing couple stay with us, polish & taiwanese. now we have a contact in poland if we wanna go there sometime :)

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