July 29, 2012

very messy weekend

the Olympics interest me zero.

bunday means sushi day. and maybe some CSI.

The Independent wrote an article on Finland, the only eurozone country left with AAA credit rating.  lets see for how long :(

ah, hair dye day! why do i sometimes feel like the soap doesnt come off the skin? like, after shower my skin feels oily or slippery. then i go back and scrub with a shower glove, again, and it might not help. maybe im using wrong kind of soap.

another weekend gone...where do they go so fast...   next week we have a new person starting at the office, means teaching and training and stuff.

i have a weird case with this really old 'fling', who is still sometimes rarely sending me pics/vids of himself. it was not even a fling,  just something weird and unimportant. so whatever, why would u keep sending pics of yourself to someone who is now in a steady relationship, for almost 2.5 years! pretty obnoxious. first i was just surprised and found it odd. then i got annoyed and a couple months ago i kind of told him off (ABOUT TIME!). i guess the message didnt go through as he contacted me again last night. i just changed the topic and left it. but i probably should have been more rude or it will never stop :(

a couple weeks ago we were at a park by the sea, having picnic, happy times:

a week ago we went for sunday lunch with Cansu to Bahane Kultur Cafe bar which is on the bar street, oh so close to home. i got a huge cheese salad :) 

outside they have terraces in 2 levels. 

this kitty was also hanging out at Bahane Kultur.

when i ordered eggplant kebab to office from a new restaurant this week, i didnt expect all this; 2 small lahmacuns with the kebab, salad and acili esme. for 13tl/5,5e! huge meal. my new favorite restaurant (Ismail Usta).

cute and nice cafe in Taksim, in Cihangir area i think...  Senni knows all the best places in the side streets. they also served wine and beer in water glasses (=they dont have alcohol license).

cat by the used book store.  

last night we ate at Viktor Levi, its usually our  anniversary place, great wine and nice garden. after dinner we went to Hera to see if there are familiar faces. of course there were, Volkan etc.

me at doctor's hospital, in the backroom couch for taking a nap around 6am.

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