August 07, 2012

i made popcorn too

things are just average. we are thinking of either having a party on saturday or going to a beach outside the city.

a ring i bought some weeks ago.

our local cafe bar, very cozy, near home.

a popcorn seller on kadife sokak (bar street) in the night.

bar street on friday. i was out with Senni and we were having mezes for dinner and ran into Volkan. good night but i had approx. 2 drinks too many!

a white top. impulse purchase. 5tl/2e.

we got some artwork for the wall, a guy on ours street is selling really nice framed things, scenes from movies, andy warhol style... etc. all kinds. he can print any photo u take to him, he says. e does nice magnets too etc. this was a 30tl/12e artsy cartoon thingy. but i have this urge to cover our fridge with something other than the local fast food magnets. its not so pretty. but covering it is cheaper than buying a new fridge.

i cooked tuna pasta yesterday. besides very rarely cooking, i just do laundry and watch tv. BBC documentaries, CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, Veep, Perception, Newsroom. they are mind numbing. oh and sometimes i fill the dishwasher a bit. this is called life i guess?

this episode of CSI is so conservative. a cop is being caught using weed. the colleagues are like "oh no, Eric? using DRUGS? no, never...". jesus.

a finnish friend is in town, Paavo. he just impulsively hopped on the plane. on saturday i showed him around Taksim and this week its Kadik√∂y's turn. i am not the best tourist guide around  - Senni is - but i try. i just domt have much energy and i get off work late...lalalala.

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