May 14, 2013

always late

so many things come to turkey late, after the asian and european markets. i believe its largery thanks to the government doing their best to protect the domestic market - but there is no competitor for mobile phones in turkey so why bother, there is something i am not seeing...

 2 days ago me and doctor watched Contagion. ive watched a few movies lately, which is a few more than usually. the film was okay, not amazing but kept me interested.

yesterday i went to Caddebostan seaside with Senni. the weather ws nicely warm and we had a picnic, later Cansu joined as too.

this video of Canadian Chris Hadfield in space is wonderful, it helps to like the song to begin with;

i keep following Apprentice, and Trumps condescending attitude towards women keeps bugging me. in the latest episode he asked Lisa Rinna if her husband is proud of her for getting so far. hard to imagine him asking the same thing from the men. anyway, also the American love for country music and country stars is sure no matter what, Trump will let Trace Adkins win.  

im curious to see if Dennis Rodman will get the American guy freed from North Korea. i dont really understand what he is doing actually, buddying with Kim Jong Un.

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