June 21, 2013

the beach and other movies

i think i would like to see the documentary Somm, a documentary about the world of sommeliers. the science fiction flick Stranded with Christian Slater  must be horrible, but hey, an easy breezy thriller...why not?

the other day i went to the Princes Islands with Jenney and 2 of her friends - another american woman and a nice turkish guy who was quiet and just listed to us most of the time :)

although it was a weekday, the ferry was full full full..  we sat on the floor - the trip is an hour so standing is kinda blah. 


upon getting off the ferry, the relaxed village atmosphere greets you on the island. 

it was my first rocky beach. and a very small beach to begin with. but cheap also (10tl/4e). just a 10min walk along the cost, right from the harbor, on Burgazada island.

we preferred to sit in the shadow. looking at istanbul was relaxing.

on the way back i was looking at the seagulls and beautiful sceneries. 

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