December 29, 2013

finally a calendar in my hand

lately im really dependent on a calendar, with the classes and other events i would get easily confused if i didnt keep track. so although i love my polar bear wall calendar, as i am on the move a lot, i decided to see if another calendar app would make keep track of things. (i have not used iPhone's standard app, it doesnt appeal to me somehow.)

i downloaded a few calendars to try and aaaand found something i like. its Week Cal. its fairly easy to use and manage, for repeated events and colors and everything, and the view is very flexible, you can adjust it with the "pinch" as you would for a website. i appreciate the variety of functions, although i dont need that many. but ease of access to most common features, like setting the time or repeating identical events is important. finally, i give plusses for the small details like gently separating day/evening time with white/grey background, and showing the current time as a red, horizontal line.
Week Calendar app iphone
AnyDo's calendar app was a close 2nd though, it looks clean, even cleaner than Week Cal - but i think i am just slightly old fashioned and like the full weekly view, rather than just have the events listed. im visual and the view above gives me a feeling of being on top of things.
so yes, this is a very sleep, modern looking app, but on the downside i found some weaknesses in usability. the very basic functions are available, sure, and in order to offer more shortcuts and options they would have to give up the sleep look - i get it. but how could deleting an event take 3 clicks??

in addition, in order to make Any.Do's cal look anything as cool as on their website intro (with the contact images etc), you need to...i dont know what, do something. a quick look at the settings did not reveal what id missed...  so i conclude that the app requires too much intuition. the background photo theme is a nice touch.

this is how i got it to appear without the intuition needed; calendar iphone app

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