August 15, 2014

Australia is waiting

yeah the heat and humidity are getting to me but officially i will NOT complain. i mean at least its hot and not cold??

i did this website translation, or the first batch of a bigger project, and dang, exactly 14 minutes after sending the first files i get an email from Paypal that my payment has been sent. thats the fastest salary ever. now im happily working on the 2nd batch...   its a kind of website like "", where you download software...

yesterday we got a confirmation from Australia that the teaching hospital over there welcomes my doctor and one of his colleagues for a 2 month observership at a time of their choosing. which is really...amazing :) so i am looking at flights! we had originally thought january to february as the flights were cheap for that period but today the flight prices have been going up and down sporadically.... however the ultra-cheap flights by Malaysian Airlines are available at least this very moment! some extra excitement if we choose to fly with them? lol.  turkish airlines just started direct flights to Melbourne but they are 1650 euros a pop, lol, no way.

Melbourne just happens to be one of the most expensive cities in the world...uff. but we started saving several months ago when the idea sparked. so we should be ok. 

i decided to fix my eyeshadow and blush with instructions that can be found online easy, you just need 70% (or higher) alcohol, thats the short of it. it worked, too :)

mixing the alcohol in my mac blush

 my Lumene eyeshadow a few minutes later. messy, yes, but the left side which was brokwn is now pretty neat!

new earrings from Six (outlet). 

last night i dropped over at a cafe where this turkish lady was selling 2nd hand clothes. i got a lot for 20tl/7e.  after putting it on, i understand this white shirt is difficult, it will require a top underneath and well, then its not a summer short anymore. oh well. 

this grey piece is actually a mystery, short bt with a huge neck piece. i think ut look awkward but maybe i will find a way to wear it, in october, when the weather permits. 
 a bit boring but colorful cardigan.
brown short sleeve knit dress. i didnt try it on of course and now im wondering if its too big...   i will find out in november or so. right now ill just enjoy owning a new dress...

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