October 07, 2014

then, Mavericks!

our over month long queue of guests has come to an end, as Sebastian left for the airport yesterday. what a weekend! and what a month! i need rest after this.

but first things first, i had 89 emails (!) in my work inbox yesterday morning :D not all personally sent to me of course, but things to look into or keep an eye on, re: release management & testing. the colleague that was ill last week and whom i covered now left on a 2 week vacation so i will continue doing her job too - big shoes to fill. but last week went well actually. work wise, i am doing less and less anything else now, i still have 2-3 translation clients that keep coming to me with stuff but its not too much. i dont have any testing related freelance gigs now either, but i think i want to keep doing something on the side just for variety and learning...  overall im happy just working for this one company and client. AND, this brings me to an addition to our family, a Macbook Air! my employer gave it to me for work and Sebastian was kind enough to pick it up from the office and bring it in his hand luggage.

now, i am known to not be mac-friendly. actually im not a hater either, i think "to each their own" honestly, i personally just love my Win7 and i am very religious about keeping things the way they are. for work though, ok, whatever, i dont have feelings about the computer... i just require it to work. and im sure this mac will do just that. they are "notorious" for being smooth and easy to use, right? (the phone is!) so thats what i will expect. while i can of course use a mac for daily stuff i bet there is a lot to learn...  but for the reason i already mentioned, i dont expect the road to be rocky. my first mac related google search though? "how to lift a macbook air lid". seriously. because the lid is so thin and smooth, and i didnt notice the crease on the bottom in the middle, i was like fuuuuck, how do people open these...  

now, between doctor and me, we have 5 computers and 1 tablet. its starting to feel like a big family. a lot of responsibility. i had some dilemmas naming this newbie, but in the end i settled for DUUNIPUPU. "work bunny", which does not really sound as good as it does in finnish.

sunday night in Taksim.

im not proud of it but on saturday i definitely had the worst hangover ever. and by ever i mean one that ive ever experienced. lets not top this record. i blame it on my finnish guest, these things dont really happen when finns are not around! without going into too much gross detail, i was suffering a lot. when doctor arrived from work around around 3pm on saturday, i was laying on bathroom floor - the cold tile almost made me feel better. and toilet bowl was close enough, i was feeling like the painkiller i just ingested would try to creep back up... doctor prescribed me a hangover drink and mixed a vodka energy drink. well i would have thought of that myself but it was not possible to keep anything inside until that point. and just holding a glass sitting up was a struggle. sip by sip i worked on it though and sure enough, in a short while i felt almost human again. sitting there, on the bathroom floor with my better half next to me and Sebastian keeping us company nearby i felt lucky and emotional. surviving a killer hangover does that you. maybe writing this down will serve as a slight reminder, for a while... 

Sebastian, enjoying Istanbul & Efes (and shots!).

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