December 26, 2014

not sure about something

meh, i hate how during christmas time all the tv shows go on a break. no new trailers coming out. nothing.

i have some sort of crisis going on for sure. so i bought tickets to Sziget 2015 - for me and doctor. some of our friends are also interested, but i dont want to wait and see if and when they want to confirm. i just wanted to make sure im going. australia is just 1,5 months away too but im just thinking of other things..  brazil. anywhere. i really DO look forward to Melbourne but its kind of set... so its not exciting enough to plan. i will look for a flat for us, in a couple weeks when its time for that. but what else is there??? packing. meh. but i started a freakin pinterest board for foreign (=non-turkish) foods. desperate times.

Sziget's 2014 aftermovie to get in the mood;

i did fill my australian e-visitor application. 37 min later i got an email that im welcome. nice, now thats done.

we hosted a small dinner last night and invited old friends; Volkan, Ilcin, Tamer, Deniz. doctor cooked a stuffed chicken in the oven, i did some oven veggies and mulled wine...  nothing fancy.

the occasion called for salmon and prosciutto though.  
 (oven veggies)

on Christmas Eve Melisa and her friend hosted a dinner for friends, and that was very christmassy indeed. tons of great food and very nice people. i should hang out with her more, she always knows the most interesting individuals...  there was a bearded guy whose birthday it was, an obvious jesus!

christmas nails!

today im taking some finnish friends of friends out, and on saturday there is another party, so... too much alcohol...

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