January 12, 2015

adults and their parties

last night i was on the european side, at Carina's - we were a small group watching Golden Globes live. i am not really interested in that type of stuff... but i thought it was a good background for a social gathering, hanging out...  and its been a while (3-5 weeks?) since i stayed up all night! we had a fun night talking about tv and movies, then i came back home with the first ferry - the view and atmosphere on the bosphorus was wonderfully quiet.

but overall weekend was busy. on friday there was a birthday party, although i just visited for one drink. it was in Karga bar, on the 3rd floor where people are allowed to smoke inside (not legal of course but whos watching?). the birthday girl was turkish. saturdays party was in a home near my place, very convenient. i like house parties more, but everyone smoked inside there as well....at times my eyes really hurt from all the smoke :( its getting to me lately...   it was my greek friends italian boyfriends birthday. everyone was either italian or greek. 2 turks. i can say i was truly the foreigner in this group :D but the party was really nice and the pork and other things were taaasty :) the party started late and went on late, most people started leaving after 3am. but it was very mediterranean, not too much drinking,

today despite my inner clock being confused from staying up all night, i had a flat viewing scheduled. this swiss guy came to see our home and we got along, he will rent the flat for one month right after we leave. now i just have one more month to worry about.
new, pretty decent HBO series: Togetherness. but some oldies goldies are back too; Episodes and Girls. although girls started annoying me like 1+ seasons ago. at its premise its a good show but somehow its become fake and too "eccentric".

i had to buy this 2nd hand wine rack. even though im very aware that i dont buy wine bottles for storing them... it was just such a pretty object! and i though, ok, we actually do have 2 wine bottles at home right now (both were gifts). then i bring this thing home and realize the wines are white and rose -> both in the fridge. so. the rack shall remain empty. it was truly against all common sense to get it, but i allowed myself to just not care. it was 10t and i like plastic objects. 

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