January 26, 2015

night shift

when we return from Oz, i will get myself a corner desk - the current one is just too crammed with 2 computers and the cosmetics etc...its affecting my my work and life. i realized my wrist started (seriously) aching after the 2nd computer, the lack of space has me working un-ergonomically. 

i thought Melbourne would be humid but internet says otherwise. im not sure i like dry...  i think my skin and hair prefer humid.  hmmmm. lets see.

i finally pushed myself to do long overdue "health tasks" last week. i took a 1 hour bus to doctors hospital to get a breast ultrasound (1st ever check up in my life...), yearly pap smear and the HPV test. so now, i wont have to think about this stuff for another year i hope? lets see about the results first, ill get them in a week. spending couple hours at the hospital, going from floor to floor as receptionists kept amazing us with their incompetence, i could understand why doctor is so frustrated sometimes. its in many ways a fancy hospital with advanced equipment etc (and apparently the biggest in turkey), but then the system and the people working... not always up to par :( one of his colleagues kindly referred to the ER as a "bazaar"...  yup. okay maybe thats harsh but for a finnish person it does look a bit wild. the ER "handles" a 1000 or so patients daily. and as is common, they all have at least a few relatives with them. so thats what its like... 

tonight I'm sleeping (if I can) on a couch in a fancy hospital in Besiktas - Jinemed. my friend had a surgery and I said I could take the first shift in looking after her. in turkey you don't leave anyone alone at the hospital - the nurses will not feed you or look after you - that's what relatives are for. or in expat cases; friends. the room next door had 6-7 relatives waiting for the patient to wake up, lol. we were just 2 and now I'm doing the night shift alone. at least my friend is sleeping, after waking up she was really not feeling so great....      but presumably she gets to go home tomorrow. I need to leave at 9am anyway, I have work waiting, so someone else will come and take her home. 

this week is busy meeting wise, dinners and what not, trying to catch up with people before we leave. also a few (5-7h) more hours of work than usual, but ill be thankful on payday...

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