June 15, 2015

reading and learning

ive spent the last week on a lot of things of course, but here is my top something:
-Little Women NY/LA. reality about m...little people, too much fake drama for my taste but occasionally they touch interesting discussion, about the M word or height preferences for partners or something.
-Quora. namely: indian caste system. Portugal travel tips. Kasparov, Deep Blue & other chess stuff. mistakes in popular movies. faults in human thinking.
-hanging out at home with doctor. he had more free time than usual and we were just bonding.
-reading articles on Long Reads. so many great reads...

i feel like i have some 'permanent' stress lately, my jaw aching almost daily although i dont catch myself biting my teeth. i need to go to a dentist and get a retainer..

and today i started a udemy course which i bought a few weeks ago when i think they were all 10$. its about testing of course. but i will try to find something else that interests me too, in the hopes of keeping my brain cells moving...

i bought a large fabric tote from a shop nearby. the inside has pink flowers, and they kind of shine through, making it the patterned outside look messy. lovely bag, great for picnics & beach. 10tl/3 eur.

sometimes im lazy and dont wash a carrot/apple/etc before eating it. because lets be honest, a lot of shit & dirt go into our mouths regardless...washing fruits and veggies is just something we can easily control and is visible right before us. one word: immune system.

its been salmon week! i dont know if im missing finland or just being lazy (probably the latter), but in the past week i think i cooked salmon 3 times. or 2, doctor prepared it once. put the filets in the oven and make a potato/veggie mash on the side... the latter is somewhat time consuming, so i try to come up with easier alternatives.... 
salmon is quick on a pan too, though. quicker than in the oven but the oven requires less supervision. another easy favorite of mine is steak. but that too comes with the side dish problem. jennis tip: buy a large enough steak and u can get away without a side. just meat. if it makes u full and is tasty, whos complaining? i should start "the lazy bitch cooking blog" . im sure someones already done it... i should google...    but when we move to a western country, we can also buy processed, pre-prepared stuff. oh lord i miss that stuff...

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