August 21, 2015

the playlist is ready

i caught a cold on our last day of holiday. i guess the crazy monsoon rains of budapest got to me. so now im sneezing and feeling fuzzy. should be fine by friday? saturday is our house party so i need to be at my best!

doctors mom added me on FB, i guess i am officially family now?

wanting to keep good relations with neighbors here, which in our case means the neighboring shops (pharmacy, butcher, corner shop...), i took the marriage as a good excuse to buy some baklava and then go around offering it & sharing the news. turks get excited over marriages, and maybe a few of those people are semi-traditional so they were pleased to hear we're "official"...

now its time to start cleaning and prepping the house for the party. we just made an rubbish bin from a cardboard box (putting a trash bag inside), practical for the living room where most of the plastic cups etc collect. christmas lights on the balcony for smokers. googling feverishly for cocktail recipies. ordering juices and sodas (the heavy stuff) online, grocery store delivers without charge. 

then once i had all the ingredients and things, i installed a cocktail app and started trying different mixes that i can make. i used a tablespoon and made these tiny teeny little "drinks", just to get an idea how gin works with the suggested ingredients etc. it was fun. and i learned a lot! i wrote down recipes and feel prepared now.


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