August 16, 2015

TL; DR: got married

on our way to Sziget festival, Budapest, we made a little detour to Vienna, and got married. we decided on it just a few months ago, quite suddenly, as it honestly seemed like a practical solution - it just happens to be *the* binding contract which gives you legal rights re: partner and makes relocation easier and so on. i dont mean to sound sad about it, we'd discussed it before, that if it comes to that, we are quite okay with being married, we just didnt see it necessary in order to 'officialize' our relationship. but so here we are.

decided to keep low profile and withheld the plans from most relatives and friends. well, nearly everyone. somehow it felt like sharing it would make it a big deal and that would have seemed fake, considering the rationality of the decision. keeping it to ourselves seemed comfortable.

its an odd feeling, being legally bound to someone...!

along at our "contract signing ceremony" at the magistrate were my father and his wife, Arttu, and 2 witnesses; Hanna and Oytun. my friend Marianne was also there as a photographer.

then we left for Sziget for what was now a honeymoon...  and Sziget is a whole other story :)

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