September 20, 2015

going out in 'Bul

i got a blue screen of death 4 nights ago. im still shaken over it. and to be honest this was like the 3rd time this year. things are not good. but im in denial about it. i just wish my computer would hang in there and be reliable for a year more. then she could retire. but it might be too big of an ask :( i dont know what to do.

the satirical cartoon publishing (LeMan) that opened a chain of restaurants finally arrived to Kadik√∂y too, this year. me and doctor checked out the establishment this week. the decor and atmosphere is cool and fitting, but the music was kind of dance-y, made it feel like a club for 20 yr olds. and the menu was like 50 pages, everything from pizza to burgers to whatever - they are one of those "wannabe international, everything for everyone" places, common here. it just means that nothing is really well done, in my opinion. the food we ordered was tasty though, i cant complain, but i think they could shrink the menu down a little without the business suffering.  

so The Bachelor AU has had a non-white male lead in one of it's (3) seasons, while the original US show never has - and it's been running for like...10 or 20 seasons. call it a coincidence...  i dont. i cant make deep analysis of either country, but in my 2 months in Australia i did feel like it was truly very open to all nationalities and colors. anyway, im now wasting my weekend away watching Bachelor AU. i like that the women in the Aussie version don't wear make up 24/7 and the 3rd season male lead is from Hobart, living in Melbourne. its weird, having been to those places recently.

last night me and doctor went out eating with friends (a couple we're friends with), in Taksim. good food, good times. out of the 4 of us, the other 3 happen to like metal music so we then went to a metal bar. and of course there was a live gig. i dont know how i suffered through it, it was like, black metal type of stuff..  a couple Rammstein covers saved it or me, but i was not loving it.

from last monday. Bosphrus dinner/party cruise of 38 doctors and 2 of us who were not... there were many spouses, but ER doctors seem to generally couple up with other doctors.
the views were great, gliding under the bridges was cool, combined with the turkish dances people really got into...

and then there is me and girls at mama Shelter's rooftop bar & restaurant last week. great food and views. 
found a video from my camera too. i guess the views, nice atmosphere, music and lounging chairs (and maybe alcohol) made me want to capture the moment.... :)  in the beginning of the video there is some unknown male, its odd cos it looks like he was lounging practically next to me :D

that was a crazy night. i think i got back home at 5, no idea. and i paid for that fun the next day, it was tough.

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