September 24, 2015

possibly my favorite hobby: telly

today im happy because:
-i can have my favorite energy drink every morning
-i have a great computer for work and an amazing personal computer(i could just write PC?)
-my bf made me breakfast cos i was busy working

my pet peeve: people say they dont want tv just cos they don't own a television set, flatscreen or otherwise. but then, they will mention the latest episode of GoT or whatever. umm, so where did you watch that?? "oh, i have a computer and internet..." right. but so you do f*cking watch TV!! i mean i know we associate the word tv with the black box, but its 2015 and just semantics, tv has obviously come to mean the content as well. tv is the stuff that is not a movie. it could be a series, a game show, news...  its the content that we used to enjoy through the black box. now we have our iPads and what not, but we still enjoy the content.


roland deschain of gilead said...

on that rant; does HBO or Netflix count as TV?

jenni said...

how would you describe them; internet, radio, fun stuff....? ;)