July 17, 2016

uncertainty in the air

sunday has started like any other sunday. the city moves on. yesterday FB was full of lynching videos and photos - now that stuff does make me sick. army clashing with the police is one thing, but when civilians turn on to each other (given guns by the police and AKP offices, i was told) its at another level. doctor too witnessed this behavior and the results at the hospital. he finally returned home last night and i was just glad to hold him. i dont feel like he is in danger at the hospital but he had been on shift since friday morning and with all this happening, i did miss him.

yesterday the mosques were also calling people out to the streets, to celebrate the victory/ to support the nation - i cant decipher the singing of the muezzin so i rely on what im told. normally i dont hear the prayer call, but suddenly when its more often and at unusual times, i register, knowing its not normal. people (me too) got sms from either The State or R.T. Erdogan himself calling us to gather at squares in the evening, to celebrate etc. so secular people would stay inside pretty much.

today there are reports about religious people (mostly) verbally attacking seculars, attacking minority neighborhoods. its messy so its hard to tell exactly what is going on, but the pious people now feel like the have the mandate to express their anger on the seculars. if the president has wanted to divide the country, he has done an exemplary job... 

suddenly 2 months seems like a long time. made a computer back up today and finished packing one box of stuff.

Citylab: Istanbul, the Day After by another expat

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