November 29, 2016

team at 100% again

Sat 26th
i think doctor is healthy again, i woke up to a breakfast in bed;

Tue 29th
wtf Wolford tights are 90£?! i wasnt browsing cos i thought they were cheap, but i was surprised nevertheless.

i have been in further contact with various letting agents. some are nice, some annoying. one guy this morning (from Keating Estates) was super negative... "yeeeea, it's really not likely to find anything that close for around your budget, if you're looking for a steal (i am not) it's really not going to happen in january february, you will face a lot more competition then (well i am in the lookout now arent i??) are not going to get any more central than this...oh you are open to living above a shop? have you ever lived above a shop before, have you been to central Brixton in a flat above a shop? it's really quite loud! oh you have lived above a shop okay well then... but it's really will have to give in something if you want a 1 bed so central...oh you have been to viewings that match your requirements?? well what were they like then? oh they were available too early, yeah see you can get a steal now for december but if you want something for february it's just not going to be that cheap (they were not steals, nor cheap, for the record) you really need to consider what you are willing to know you do pay extra for such a central location...   "
i dont know if he was having a bad day or if thats a special technique that works for some potential clients. i was turned off. it's okay to give the facts, and i dont need a pep talk or exceptional optimism, but putting down evetything i say and giving this sad, naggy monologue was just...ufff, i was eager to end the phone call.

my nonexisting prayers have been answered; i found a farm shop that delivers ethically produced meat (and other stuff) to the door. must make a bigger order obv, but they had a good discount so i decided to try. ive been eating mostly bacon and sausages for the past 2 months, thats all the free range/RSPCA assured meat i can find... so some mince meat and chicken is welcome. we can freeze them and use one by one...  this is the order, arriving on friday;

doctor has 1 upcoming job interview at a hospital he had been eyeing, so i am happy for him. its 2 weeks later, but we are not in a hurry right now, as long as things are going forward...   he will get his exam results just before christmas so until then its just waiting, and hopefully some development in the job search front.

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