November 04, 2016

windowshopping flats & jobs

im looking at London hospitals at CQC for how their emergency departments are. i got the tip about CQC from a New Zealand girl i met for coffee last saturday. so i am, hopefully, little by little, making new friends. its just been 2 months of course, but im quite eager to socialize. so anyway, im looking at hospitals, browsing possibly suitable jobs on NHS website for doctor. he is studying his notes from the previous course and started the second, shorter course today. the exam is in 3 weeks. he had one job interview last week, and he was offered the job, but i am looking at these other options in case he doesnt take that one. i guess we will decide in a few days.either way we are on track for him to be working in February. i hope everything goes to plan. i like my plans and get upset if they are derailed.

ive been in high spirits too. not for any particular reason altho i am delighted that job opportunities are coming up for doctor. in general things are just quite good.

im not totally sold on Windows 10, yes i can see it has a lot of good elements, and some features taken from Apple (which i dont think is theft, part of development is surely combining best practises and great ideas wherever they come from) but im not eager to lose control - and i feel like thats happened a little bit. but im okay with it, im just tweaking things little by little.

i found the gay version of Bachelor! Finding Prince Charming. a bit cheaper, sure, but nevertheless LGBT version is appreciated and im happy with almost any dating show. 

someone with a tattoo based on my photo is missing. i have to say i dont think the tattoo is very well done. a couple of people contacted me about it, hoping i might have come across the woman. the other was a NYPD detective. my first reaction was 'BS' but i checked the email address and whate else i could find, it was solid. wow, i felt like i was i a CSI episode. anyway, unfortunately i couldnt help.

 im also trying to get a feel of the rental flat market. if we were lucky enough to know about doctor's working conditions (=location, salary) sooner rather than later, then it would be easier tostart setting more parameters, now im just browsing within some areas and price ragce that we are tentatively considering. its hard to find unfurnished here.

Army of One. comedy. might actually work, who knows.

wow so i read the current season of Bachelor US - the one with Nick - is shooting in the overnights and final rose ceremony Finland. somehow, im not jealous. usually they do it in warm places, like the Bahamas, so im surprised... 

so last friday i went to see a GP to show a couple of birthmarks. she referred me to a dermatologist. the way it works is i come back home and wait for a letter. which i got yesterday. they reaaally like letters in this country. everything works by mail. Royal Mail is probably lobbying to keep everything they way it was 20 yrs ago. so anyway, now i have a letter with an appointment for next Tuesday. i basically just dont want to have skin cancer, thats all. but we had to get this private insurance for doctor's residence card application (due to me claiming 'self sufficiency') and avoid using public funds, so now i need to call back to the GP and try get a referral letter to give to the insurance company. and they would arrange me an appointment somewhere else. yet, i had to go to the GP (NHS, public funds), first. umm, this is messy.

nachos. we met doctor's friend in Soho the other day for drinks (after shopping in Primark). 

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