April 20, 2017

shoes for jenni

i bought cardamom tea on impulse. cos why not. who knows maybe i start drinking tea regularly. more importantly though i bought a few pairs of shoes. its sring after all, and i noticed i am in need of 'daily walking shoes'. ended up getting some more summery heels while i was at it, not surprising i guess. but have to get more show storage space cos they cant stay on the floor.

most of the new shoes. ive test driven a few of them already :)

date night last night. i wanted to feel like istanbul so ordered turkish.

one of doctors friends just passed PLAB 1 exam, so he will be coming here in the summer for PLAB 2. looking forward to him moving here and getting a job at an ER. lets bring all the turkish doctors here to save NHS as europeans are fleeing...

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