January 12, 2018

we got a kindle

this temporary disability is a great reminder of how precious health is. i would think of that occasionally anyway, but this is making it real. need to plan ahead, cant always do and get what i want, need to reel in at times...  like, in the morning i better decide what i wanna wear for the day cos its not like im gonna run up and change during the day. technically, i could climb up, as i can at the end of the day anyway, but its so taxing, i just dont even consider it. i am getting stronger though so a week from now maybe i can go up and down between the floors a couple more times.

despite struggling on crutches, i decided i will go on my preplanned trip to finland. its mainly for work so i will focus on that, need to just get to office and back. also Arttu’s birthday party is there, conveniently while im visiting.

i just now got to setting up my online banking with Nationwide. so i click register. it asks for my account details, name, email address etc. ok. then i have to come up with memorable information, like a memorable place, memorable name, memorable date. then i have to invest a 6-digit pin code. then, it gives me a customer number (10 digits or so). now, last step is to ut my card into the card reader and key in the card's pin code. then, the card reader gives me a 6 digit security code, that i key in on the website. SERIOUSLY. i would say this is so 1990's, but its worse than that. but i got Nationwide for the highest rated customer satisfaction, not for the ease of online registration. then, i decided to apply for a credit card, cos its necessary to build a credit rating. its a ridiculous system, if you never 'borrow' money or owe money...you cannot be trusted and eventually your credit rating gets poor. you are essentially punished for having (enough) money to manage. i still have finnish credit cards but yeah, now i have to budge and get a UK one. and, i obviously have to use it, to prove i can pay back.

The Moody Blues: Nights in White Satin

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