February 25, 2007

busy weekend. i am dead tired. i was hoping to have a me-night tonight but i think i'll just fall into bed.

last night was decent, we were sitting in bars and drinking, mostly part-time workers. the core people of this group create an aura of a kind that i've grown to associate with really good time and heavy drinking. thats what happened again, but it didn't go to far. and i was thinking, "what is too far really?". crawling on all 4 and puking are too far. the way i see it is that if i avoid those 2, it did not go too far no matter how drunk i was. so, the weekend was really a success in that aspect. i did vent, again, quite a lot. and, again, had a slight moral hangover because of it...but what can u do, life is.

me and him got up in the afternoon and drove to Lahti to see my mom in the hospital. i was very happy to see she wasn't totally fucked up like the last time she was in a similar state. she'll prolly go home within a week or so. after the visit we went for dinner at his parents place, they live nearby there. i think he looks slightly like his dad. as usual in these type of situations, i was almost mute.

something interesting a friend pointed out was that the better and cooler looking clothes someone has, the more you want to undress them. is it logical? when someone covers their body with sense of style and with nice looking garments, you want to take them off (more so than in a reverse situation).

i missed some major MMA fights that took place last night (PRIDE 33) . apparently some good fights, i look forward to seeing them. my golden boy Wanderlei got knoocked out cold. thats so harsh :(

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