February 25, 2007

i was prepared to go to work on monday. i always have a shift on monday. but when i checked my calendar to see what time i have to drag my ass over to the call center Hell, i was confused. no work on monday? no work? monday? hmm. i double checked this from the excel where all the work shifts are. i am definitely in need of sleep so i can't complain.

i almost fell asleep in the warm car earlier tonight but now i'm just a happy blogger.

on tuesday i have an appointment to try fix my shouldbewhite-tattoo on my arm. it has some blue tint in it... the tattoo guy is not sure if he can fix it, but if all else fails, we'll make it black. black is fine, i would've just preferred an imperceptible white for this, even if it goes against all what some think tattoos are about. it shows nicely in the right light and angle, it just ain't in-your-face.

Memento Mori.

i think i deserve another cider. the weekend was sooo heavy. good heavy, but heavy. i was getting exhausted, not being able to spend time alone and relax. ciders. finnish ciders are special. its like the best 'general' alcoholic drink i can think of. for starting out or balancing out, or when just going out for a couple drinks. or when just staying home for 'a couple drinks'. or when just relaxing a bit. however, drinking anything is such a hard job for me, i'm very slow. i'm not used to a high intake of any liquid. i gotta go pee like after every bottle/can. thats really fucked. for the purpose of getting drunk i therefor go for vodka or something else with a higher %. i call it the price/quality ratio.

Turkey limits the freedom of speech and apparently is going to do some more of that. WTF. don't even fuckin think of getting in the EU with fucked up laws like that. except, they're probably going to get in, in the end money is more important and its probably indirectly profitable to allow them in.... in which case it will eventually happen. this society simply values money more than humanity. whatever. this reminds me, a finnish-swedish friend said she's voting for the Left Alliance at the election. and i said she's my new best friend. i couldn't believe my ears. i know her somewhat, so i could expect her to go with Social Democrats instead of the fuckin typical Swedish People's Party, but a leftist party?? fuckin wow. i myself fall more for the Social Democratic Party and the Green League, but if someone votes for the left, i think its cool. i haven't just yet really studied the election statements and the programs that the parties have published now but i will.

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